1:500Maximum leverage ratio
Low point difference and slip point
60Currency pair variety, index and CFD products
$100Minimum deposit
$0Free of charge
2424-hour customer service


When your foreign exchange merchant

ASIC compliance regulation

Regulated by Australian Securities and Investment Commission

Financial independence

All customer funds are deposited in the trust account of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, which is isolated from the company's operating account to ensure the safety of your funds

Quick gold out

All withdrawals will be processed within 24 to 48 hours

Fast execution

Usdtfx has built its own data center worldwide and fiber optic connectivity to our servers in New York and London, enabling you to achieve one key, extremely fast transactions with up to 12 times faster execution speed and negative 10 times delay

Account negative value protection

Customers can be assured of trading, do not worry about the loss more than the net value, when you re into the gold, the negative value will be zero
*Not applicable to DMA CFD

Exclusive account manager

On your way to success, you will enjoy the exclusive account manager to provide you with professional and considerate exclusive services

Our foreign exchange trading course

Trading Club Teaching Project

Learn how to trade like an expert

At usdtfx, we firmly believe that quality education and rich knowledge are the key to your successful transaction. Therefore, as a highly compliant foreign exchange broker, we provide you with the foreign exchange education program of the trading club, which is free of charge and suitable for traders at all stages, and covers all aspects of trading strategy, market analysis, trading psychology and risk management. We work with you to help you become the trading expert of your dreams. Join the usdtfx trading club today and start learning how to trade like an expert.

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You have the world's most trusted trading platform, meta Trader 4 (MT4).

Usdtfx provides our customers free access to the world's most popular trading platform MT4! Just download the usdtfx MT4 platform and trade anywhere in the world at any time. It's so easy!


Market news and analysis

You can get the latest daily information of foreign exchange market and trading conditions directly from email or MT4 interface

Daily report Trading signal

Usdtfx cooperates with MT4 trading center to provide customers with the latest news information, technical analysis and trading terms information. The authoritative tracking system of the trading center can deliver accurate financial market information to our customers in real time. At the same time, we provide authoritative market analysis and trading knowledge from famous banks by cooperating with pemberteau, Dow Jones news and Thomson Reuters.

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